Problems with my story

August 24, 2006

I’ve written 1,683 words but I don’t know where to go.
The main problem when I write stories is that I can’t get into them, and if I can, I don’t know where to go with it.



My Story part 1.

July 21, 2006

“What did I do?” She whispered slowly to herself, “Stupid, stupid, stupid!” She said angrily. She moved her hand cautiously around the wall, looking for the light switch. She found it and turned it to ‘on.’ She squinted as her eyes adjusted to the light slowly.
“Shit! Not again,” she sighed, “I could never cook.” She took the blackened ‘lasagne’ out of the oven and smoke filled the room, she tried to get rid of the smoke by waving her hands around, it didn’t work. She took out the tray with the lasagne and put it in the sink, pouring icy cold water on top of it, she had forgotten that she was supposed to be cooking for her parents who were coming over tonight. They’d come over every few weeks or so to see how she was doing living by herself, and point out everything that was wrong with her new life.
She turned around quickly, to see if anyone saw her burn tonight’s crisped feast, knowing no one was there.


July 20, 2006

Camille Marsh is a girl from Melbourne, 19 years old. She is lonely, and trying to break out of that. She finds herself frustrated & confused. She does something horrible and wants to get away as far & fast as she can. Being by herself she gets paranoid and loses trust for everyone
Id write something betteror more but I’m not allowed to write the story first.

Amsterdam – From A Sea Captains Point Of View.

July 14, 2006

The captain was just past halfway on his journey to Amsterdam. He looked at the almost calm water and sighed. He loved the ocean, lived for it. He was finally where he wanted to be, in the middle of the ocean, not a worry in his mind. He put his hand on the side of the boat and patted it lovingly, as if to say ‘thank-you.’ He sighed again and sat down on an empty wooden crate. As he sighed he noticed that he could see the fog of his own breath, he found that amusing and breathed out repeditively watching the swirl of his breath. He chuckled and stopped.

The captain turned around to see if anyone had seen him, and he was mildly relieved when he saw no one had. Looking down at his hands he took off a gold ring from his left finger, his ring finger. He looked at it thoughtfully, he missed his late wife, sometimes he longed for the day they’d be together again. He lost her at sea, there was a reef and it knocked the boat almost over. She fell and the back of her head on a sharp rock. He put the ring in his pocket quickly and looked up at the sky.

He turned around and took a few steps, it was very cold and they still had a bit of a way to go. He suddenly realised how lonely he was, he needed his wife, he had his crew but they would never be able to understand. He went inside of the boat and sat down with a mug of rum.
All he had was the sea.


July 6, 2006

I think so too.

Spelling test

July 6, 2006

We just did a spelling test for english, we corrected them with smileys.

1- famished :]
2- feline :]
3- fiction :]
4- awesome :]
5- furniture :]
6- fabric :]
7- favourite :]
8- driving :]
9- lethal :]
10- fascist :]


June 16, 2006

a] The Doctor is prejudiced against the Dalek because the Dalek’s killed his people and he thought he was the same.
b] The Dalek is prejudiced against everyone who isn’t a Dalek because he was trained to kill everyone that wasn’t a Dalek.
c] Van Statten could be described as being prejudiced against anyone who isn’t a human because he wants to display them and treat them badly for the purpose of making money
d] Other examples of prejudice; Asian drivers, everyone on roads tries to stay away from them because apparently they can’t drive as well as everyone else.2. At the end of the episode, Rose asks the Doctor: ‘What are you turning into?’ What effect does The Doctor’s prejudice against the Dalek have on him? What sort of person does he turn into?
The Doctor was being prejudice against the Dalek because The Doctor was the last of his kind as well and he wanted to kill the Dalek’s for what they’ve done to him, he gets angry and wants revenge.

3. The Dalek is prejudiced against all other forms of life – what happens to the Dalek at the end of the story because of his prejudice? Explain why this happens.
Rose touches him, and he sucks up her DNA & feelings that he never had before. Then he finds it hard to kill people, because he doesn’t just feel hate.

4. How is the attitude of the Dalek similar to that of the Nazi’s as portrayed in Hitler’s Daughter? In what way were the Nazi’s prejudiced?
Everyone thought that all the Nazi’s were horrible people when they were just doing what they thought was right, the Dalek is doing the exact same thing.

5. Can you think of any example when you might have found someone was prejudiced against you?
Yes. All the time, when people call me ’emo’ or ‘goth’ ahaha. I’ve been prejudiced to other people heaps because I’m uber judgemental, I probably made them feel shit.

I have to do work

June 14, 2006

Because apparently I haven’t done it.
But I’m pretty sure I have.
I have.

I miss myspace.
I wish the school didn’t block eeeeeeeeet.

OMG!!! HIIIIII! *shifty eyes*
She’s a bit cool, yo.

City Experience

June 8, 2006

Day 1;On the first day I thought I’d get lost at the city. I got to the station and met Lauren & her mum [Karen] there. Karen was worried about Lauren & me being in a group alone so she talked to Mrs O’Brien. Mrs O’Brien said we could go with Caroline, Jarra & Rebecca – which was good because we’re friends with them & with them we wouldn’t get lost. Their way smart.We went on the 9:02 train to the city.We caught the city circle tram to the Docklands, it smelt so badly. Like fish & polluted water – blah. We answered some questions then walked around for a bit, we found THE BEST ice-cream shop. Ever. Then we just walked around & browsed the shops until it was time to go.Then we went back to Flinder’s and went home.Day 2;On the second day we met at the station and caught the same 9:02 train into the city. But we got off at
Richmond, because we were going to see the MCG that day. I didn’t like it. It was the most boring thing I’d done all week. Blah. Then we got hungry so we went to the food court. All the food was Asian & most of it had meat. But I found some [vegetarian] fried noodles. Then we got thirsty, so we bought boost juice. YUM ^___^So we started walking to the
Rialto, we didn’t know what to do, but we knew that the
Rialto is huge, so we walked toward the biggest building we could see. And when we got near it we asked someone if we were going the right way, and we were.
We had to talk to the person at the register for ages, because I don’t think she believed we go to Croydon. When we finally got in the elevator it was woah. Gravity, much?The view was okay. Not too exciting but not bad. Lauren & I lost Caroline, Jarra & Rebecca, but we found them. So we left to go to

Town. It was so boring. Me & Lauren went into a shop for a while and Caroline & crew went to another shop.Then we went back to Flinder’s and went home.Day 3;On the third day I was getting used to being at the city all the time, but it was the last day. I brought some extra money for the Queen Victoria Market.We caught the train to the city & went to the Ian Potter Gallery. I didn’t like that much either. I don’t have a thing against art but a lot of it was just Australian crap. Which bores me.
Australia is boring. Blah. And we weren’t allowed to take photos of the ones we like.
We had nifty little chairs that we carried around though, they were so cute.After the gallery, we went to the Crossways vegetarian restaurant. FINALLY a vegetarian restaurant. I was so reluctant about eating it though. The food looked horrible. When I got to the counter I asked the guy that was serving if all the food was vegetarian and he goes “yes. Is that a problem?” like in a ‘you meat-eating bitch’ way. And I was like “no. I’m a vegetarian…” and he was like “That’s so cool!” and he gave me a FREE vegetarian cook book. Jealous?The food was sooooooo nice. And if I go to the city again anytime soon I wanna eat there.After that we went to the Queen Victoria Market, Lauren & I were looking around for about an hour. We were going to buy two shirts, one each. Two for $20. But they said some um…things that our parentals wouldn’t like.We found some ducks. And chickens. And I decided I wanted one. So I called my dad and he didn’t answer. So I called Granpa and asked. He said no. So I kept asking until he got mad & hung up on me. Dad called me back and I asked him & he said yes. I bought a duck. And I named him Rodney. He’s sooooooo attractive♥. Even though Granpa killed me when I got home.After the market we went back to Flinder’s station. And went home.


April 26, 2006

1. Stereotypes can effect the person who's being stereotyped if they let it. If they don't, & they want to break free from their stereotype then they won't be effected I guess.

2. Yes stereotypes exist in Australian society. And like in politics people expect certain sides to act a specific way.


4. Stereotypes are definatly part of the media. They need stereotypes for their stories, so they create them and exxagerate them until the cash flows.